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93.2% of Disabled People in Our Province Have Enjoyed a Well-off Life in an All-Round Way
2018-03-14 09:35:13

According to the latest data from the Provincial Disabled Persons Federation, last year 93.2% of disabled people in our province have enjoyed a well-off life in an all-round way, which took the lead across the country. 13 major indicators such as disabled people's guarantee and services ranked in the top three in the country. The disposable income per capita was 32,388 yuan in the urban areas and 21,524 yuan in the rural areas across this province, both ranking first in all the provinces throughout China.
During 2017, the province has comprehensively promoted the ten enhancement programs for the well-to-do life in an all-round way for the disabled and the “Five Insurances and Six Guarantees” for disabled persons across the province, thus significantly improving the lives of the disabled and continuously advancing the integrated development. The total number of people provided with living subsidy for the handicapped persons in need and care subsidy for severely handicapped persons in the province has reached 859,900, with the standard and scope of subsidy taking the lead in the country, and with the total amount paid reaching 2.432 billion yuan. The proportion of social welfare subsidy for disabled persons has reached 87.47%, ranking third in the country.
In terms of rehabilitation, our province focuses on accurate rehabilitation and comprehensively enhances rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. A total of 5 categories of 31 basic services have been provided, with more than 500,000 people benefiting from them and the basic rehabilitation service rate reaching 96.19%, ranking the second in the country. The contracting services for the disabled by family doctors have also been promoted, with over 60% of the target population provided with contracting services.
In terms of employment of disabled persons, in 2017, a total of 115 disabled people have been recruited as civil servants or employees in public service units and state-owned enterprises, which ranks the first in the country. In addition, our province focused on the implementation of the e-commerce disability assistance program and successfully created 11 provincial-level incubation demonstration bases for the employment and entrepreneurship of the disabled, with a total of 75 e-commerce entrepreneurship bases for the disabled established across the province and 2669 additional disabled people employed and starting up in e-commerce businesses.

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