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Ranking Second in the National Performance Appraisal, Criminal Investigation in This Province Achieved Another Success
2018-03-01 09:18:50

Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Department that in the 2017 appraisal of the national criminal investigation work performance, our province ranked second in the country, one rank forward than last year. Encouragingly, the number of criminal transference and prosecutions related to such traditional offenses as theft, robbery, fraudulence, embezzlement and property crime and the performance of the criminal techniques of portrait and fingerprint ranked first in the country; the cracking down on evils and gangs, the cracking down on crimes with guns involved, and other work ranked in the forefront of the country.
According to reports, last year, the criminal investigation departments across the province played a leading role in the crackdown of crimes, severely cracking down on all kinds of criminal crimes. The crackdown and prevention of criminal offenses showed a sound trend, with an increase in the number of crimes tracked down and the number of crimes cracked, and a decrease in the number of cases filed and the amount of losses incurred. The tracking down of the homicide cases achieved three historic breakthroughs, namely, the highest rate of the crimes tracked down, the largest number of long-pending crimes tracked down, and the lowest rate of crimes, the fight against crimes of new types achieved a phased victory, and the number of cases of communications (Internet) fraud fell year-on-year, thus ridding this province of the notoriety of "the highest rate of crimes across the country" and tracking down a total of more than 40,000 crimes of new types via communications (Internet).


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