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Zhejiang Court Fully Promotes the Service of Placing Cases on File Online and Other Convenience Services
2018-03-01 09:17:59

Recently, lawyer Wang in Yiwu City received a text message from the Shaoxing Intermediate Court, informing him that his case has been successfully placed on file online. He immediately logged onto Zhejiang Court Attorney Service Platform via the computer, to upload the personal data of the plaintiff and the defendant, the civil complaint, the evidence, the commission procedures and other materials. After taking only more than 10 minutes, lawyer Wang completed the application, the review, and the registration, saving the time and energy to travel back and forth.
According to the latest data from the Provincial High Court, the rate of placing civil cases on file online by the courts across the province reached 52.02% last year, achieving the planned annual goal of "one-stop service for 100% of all the cases and no errand for 50% of all the cases", which took the lead throughout the whole country. In addition, Zhejiang Court also makes use of the intranet transmission function between courts to carry out cross-border filing of cases for parties who have difficulties in placing cases on file online. For those who are located in remote areas without a people's court, Zhejiang Court provides them with filing services at the nearest township (street) comprehensive governance centers, filling in the service gaps in online filing and cross-border filing.

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