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Refund Policy Further Promoted in Physical Stores in Zhejiang
2018-02-09 11:13:45

According to the Provincial Industrial and Commercial Administration, more than 10,000 refundable model enterprises would be nurtured in the province in 2018, and refund-with-no-reason service would be extensively promoted. This is to answer the call of the provincial government to “improve the consumption environment” as part of the “10 practical projects related with people’s livelihood”. Over 10,000 enterprises have vowed to comply with the demands of the seven-day refund policy or even do better. In the future, consumers throughout the province will enjoy an easier refund service in offline physical stores.
In 2017, Zhejiang Province took the lead in the country to promote refund policy in offline physical stores, and altogether 13,047 enterprises initiatively vowed to offer refund-with-no-reason service, including 8225 offline stores and 4822 online stores.

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