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Ocean Production in Zhejiang Province Sees a Year-on-Year Growth of 11.8%
2018-02-08 09:31:56

According to the Provincial Ocean and Fisheries Administration on 6 Feb, the year 2017 witnessed a continuous improvement in the major economic indicators of the ocean and fisheries in Zhejiang Province. As the inshore marine environment turned better, and the marine aquaculture became less polluted, the fishery resources in the province showed signs of recovery.
The year 2017 saw a full of operation of the “three battles” in the province (the defensive battle for juvenile fish, the defensive battle for the closed fishing achievement, and the battle against illicit fishing equipment), and a deepening curb on ship-document discrepancy, illicit fishing equipment and marine environment pollution. By means of reducing both fishing vessels and production, the government actively promoted fishery revitalization in the province. Altogether 729 unapproved fishing vessels were outlawed, 267,000 illicit fishing tools were confiscated, 219 illegal cases were investigated, and 254 criminal cases and 1171 people were brought to the court. All the indicators ranked the highest in the country.
In the scope of the whole province, the number of fishing vessels reduced amounted to 1942 (about 323,000 kilowatts), which was about 75% of the whole five-year (2016-2020) target. In 2017, the domestic ocean fishery production in the whole province amounted to 3,239,000 tons, 6.7% less than that of the last year. Meanwhile, nearly 10 thousand fishermen quitted ocean fishery on their own. According to a monitoring survey, the fishery resources were showing signs of improvement.
Despite the decrease in the total fishing volume, the fishing output value kept rising, and the effect of fishery transformation and upgrading was beginning to shine. It is estimated that the gross ocean production of the whole province in 2017 would reach 7.54 billion yuan, 11.8% more than that of last year. As the ratio of the three ocean industries was adjusted from 7.5:40.3:52.2 in 2012 to 7.0:38:55, the quality effectiveness of the ocean economy was greatly improved, which contributed positively to the construction of the


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