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ZPWF Constructs Innovative Business Startup Platform for Women
2018-02-07 09:33:38

According to the 8th (enlarged) session of the Executive Committee of the 13th Zhejiang Provincial Women’s Federation (ZPWF) on 5 Feb, this year ZPWF will further carry out the idea of “new development” and serve women’s innovation and business startup by following the theme of “Be a good daughter with ‘red boat’ spirit in the new era and strive for new achievement”. It will actively construct a business platform for the women to be engaged in modern agriculture, health care and care for the aged, rural tourism and E-business.
In 2017, ZPWF brought the requirements for the “one-stop service” reform into the assessment system for “Excellent Women’s Post”, and approved 67 “National Excellent Women’s Posts”, 30 pacesetters and 15 model groups in women’s development. It also actively promoted women’s employment in processing with supplied materials, an industry which provided jobs for nearly one million women in the province under the management of 20,000 agents in material processing. With the platform built by ZPWF, the market entities founded by women in the province amounted to 1,705,200, accounting for 29% for the whole market entities, increasing 221,900 entities compared with 2016.

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