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Responsibility System in Handling Petitions Fully Carried Out in the Province
2018-02-05 09:55:48

According to the petition work conference on 1 Feb, a responsibility system in petition was fully carried out in the province in 2017, which aimed to achieve “online petition, precision petition and sunshine petition”, so as to ensure stability in dealing with petitions. 
Last year, all together 305,000 petitions (not including telephone calls) were received in the whole province, and the average time dealing with a petition (in the form of letters, visits or online complaints) was shortened from 8.3 days to 6.1 days. Online petitions, amounting to 188,000 times, 40.8% more than the previous year, have become the major channel for more and more people to express their complaints.
Taking advantage of its big data and cloud applications, the province spares no efforts in developing online petition service, and takes the construction of the platform of policy consultation, complaints and petitions as an important part in “one-stop service” reform and in building a “rule by law” province. At present, the various platforms at all levels have been basically connected with each other. In 2017, 99.5% of the cases on the provincial platform were concluded as compared with 96% previously, the handling time for phone call petitions was reduced to 4.5 days on the average, and people’s satisfaction rate rose from 97.8% to 98.5%.

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