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Zhejiang Expands the Scope of Whole-Process Online Tax Service
2018-02-05 09:47:59

On 1 Feb, the reporter learned from the Provincial State Taxation Conference held in Hangzhou that the Zhejiang Provincial Office of the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has put forward a series of practical policies to hand in a Zhejiang version of “one-stop service” reform by simplifying administrative procedures and delegating powers to lower levels. This year, the province government will continue to deepen the “one-stop service” reform, and the SAT Provincial Office will further expand the scope of whole-process online tax service by setting up a dynamic system of one-stop tax service and guidance, and extend the reform to interim supervision and post supervision, so as to ensure that the reform is always placed in first priority.
Last year, the province ranked first again in the national taxpayer satisfaction survey. Behind the honor are the implementation of convenience measures and improvement of taxation service system. By expanding the joint service of the state and local taxation, improving the self-service and online service system, optimizing the taxation process, and cancelling the post-management for approved items, the provincial taxation authorities have carried out a series of convenient measures for the taxpayers to handle both state taxes and local taxes in one stop.
In addition to the easy measures in daily taxation routines, the provincial taxation authorities have also achieved paperless online export tax rebate by promoting “Internet plus easy tax rebate”, which has become a booster for foreign trade export.  
According to the statistics, by means of check list, standard service and online platform, “one-stop service” has covered all of the 125 items of taxation, of which 74.4% can be handled without leaving home, and with a satisfaction rate of 99.56% in service evaluation, the provincial taxation authorities have realized the “one-stop service” goal in an all-round way.

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