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Zhejiang Internet Movies See Further Progress
2018-02-24 09:18:27

Aiming to create a sub-center of Chinese television and movies, Zhejiang provincial government has spared no efforts in guiding and supporting the development of the online movie enterprises, and more and more high-quality Internet movies are produced in the province. The Biography of Demons, an Internet movie produced by Zhejiang Media Trust Co., has received a score of 7.8 since it was shown on Iqiyi movie channel, and was selected as one of the Spring Festival movies. With 51 million hits and a share of 15 million yuan at the box office, it has made a good start for Chinese online movies in 2018.
Zhejiang has a good foundation of television and movie industry. With the support of the provincial Party committee and the government, more and more high-quality movies, both online and offline, have been produced. About 80% of the 3,000 movie enterprises are active in the province, especially those Internet movie enterprises such as Media Trust, Xiang Bros Studios, and Emigration Film Culture Media, which have produced quite a number of movie talents and movie-producing teams, and have achieve much in satisfying the demands of the audience, expanding the market space, exploring movie fund-raising, producing, releasing and marketing. On 2017 Box Office List of Internet Movies issued by Iqiyi, one quarter of the top 20 are produced by Zhejiang enterprises. Media Trust, whose two “demon series” movies are both on Top 20, has become one of the most successful IPs of the online movie industry.

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