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The Government Awards for Publishing Unveiled: Zhejiang Comes out in Front
2018-02-24 09:17:37

Recently the 4th Chinese Government Awards for publishing has been unveiled, and Zhejiang Province comes out in front in the number of awards received. Altogether 19 items from Zhejiang Province were on the list, of which 16 publications won the awards or received nominations, 1 publishing house won the award for excellent publishing units, and two individuals won the award for excellent publishers.
 As the highest award in publishing, the Chinese Government Awards for publishing is bestowed every three years for recognition of excellent publications, publishing units and publishers. In the selection of this year’s awards, four features can be highlighted in the publishing area of Zhejiang Province. The first is the progress in publications of important themes. A Collection of Red-Themed Stories, an audio-visual work compiled by the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, won the award for audio-visual, electronic and online publications. Second, the online literary works won the award for the first time, which filled the gap in this area. Heroes of Internet: Ayers Rock Covenant, an online novel jointly published by Hangzhou Jiwen Technology and Migu Digital Media, won the award for online publications, and Legend of the Kungfu Heroes, an online game run by Hangzhou Fengxia Technology Co., won the nomination. The third is the rise of science and technology publication, which came on the top of the list in China. Altogether 9 books by the Zhejiang Science and Technology Press have won the award in the past four years, ranking the tenth among the 584 publishing houses. In addition, Infrared Material and Detection Technology and two other books won the nomination. The fourth is the breakthrough of Zhejiang University Press. Its Theory and Practice of Infectious Microecology won the Award for Books, which shows its solid strength in academic publication.


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