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Zhejiang Practice of Online “Tripartite Agreement” Promoted Throughout China
2018-02-22 09:30:21


Recently, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) and People’s Bank of China (PBC) have jointly issued a document to promote Zhejiang practice of signing “tripartite agreement” of taxation online throughout the country. This is also another national exhibition of “one-stop service” reform results of Zhejiang Province.

This innovative practice has greatly simplified the procedures of taxpaying, freeing taxpayers from tiresome to-and-fro routines between the tax authorities and the banks. Attaching great importance to this practice of Zhejiang Province, the SAT has sent a working group to Zhejiang for special investigation. According to statistics, since July 2017, altogether 610,000 taxpayers have signed the “tripartite agreement”, of which over 500,000 signed online. Once it is promoted to the whole country, there will be over 10 million taxpayers (fee payers) benefiting from the practice every year. With more and more provinces entrusting the collection of social insurance fee to local tax authorities, the number of taxpayers or fee payers benefiting from the practice will be doubled.  


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