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Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind to work hard to fully implement the goals and tasks set by the people's congress in a down-to-earth manner
2018-02-02 09:16:18

On the afternoon of the 31st, governor Yuan Jiajun chaired a meeting of the provincial government Party committee to study the division of labor between the leaders of the new provincial government and to deploy and implement the spirit of the two sessions, in order to strengthen the self-construction of the government and to ensure the implementation of all government tasks. He emphasized that the people's government is for the people. We must hold high the banner of Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, uphold the general outline of the "Eighty-eight Strategies", remain true to the original aspiration, keep the mission firmly in mind, work hard day and night in a down-to-earth manner to go all out to accomplish major, difficult and practical events, speed up the building of a service-oriented government with great public satisfaction, and struggle to promote "two high-levels" construction.

The provincial government Party members and those invited attendants made speeches at the meeting.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that since the baton of history has now been passed on to our hands, we must undertake the Zhejiang mission of continuing to write a new chapter in the "eighty-eight strategies" in the new era and assume the historical mission of reaching the "two high-levels", the epoch mission of achieving high-quality development and the ruling mission of realizing the people's good life.

Yuan Jiajun also pointed out that it is necessary to focus on the building of a highly-competitive modernization and on the speeding up of the establishment of a government work promotion system. To this end, it is imperative to establish a scientific index system so as to understand what to do, how to do it, and how to do it well, it is imperative to establish a complete working system so as to optimize work processes and strengthen internal cooperation, it is imperative to establish a coordinated policy system so as to strengthen top-level design, make overall planning and integrated integration, and maximize the effects of policies, and it is imperative to establish a precise evaluation system so as to achieve the organic unity of "government performance evaluation + third party evaluation + mass satisfaction evaluation" and thus to make evaluation scientific, fair and reasonable.

Yuan Jiajun stressed that the Party committee of the provincial government should adhere to the principles of honest administration for the business, diligent administration for the people, good governance and mutual support and cooperation so as to achieve common understanding, goals and actions. It is significant for the Party committee members to strive to be good models with firm faith in order to turn ideals and beliefs into actual action for people's happiness, it is significant for the Party committee members to strive to be good models with firm political stance in order to be wise and honest politicians, it is significant for the Party committee members to strive to be good models with strong sense of responsibility in order to put words into actions, it is significant for the Party committee members to strive to be good models with great competence in order to become highly capable, and it is significant for the Party committee members to strive to be good models with upright behaviors in order to be integral and free from corruption and bribery.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that at the historical turn of the two centuries, we should regard profound study as a lifelong skill, regard team study as an ace in the hole, improve our ability in study, and hone our skills in practice, so as to constantly improve our abilities of research and planning, solving problems, and paying close attention to implementation.

Yuan Jiajun stressed that at present, all localities and departments should do a good job in ensuring the safety in the public life, the livelihood of the people in difficulty, the supply on the market during the Spring Festival, and thus a happy and peaceful Spring Festival for people across the province. At the same time, great effort should be made to commence work in 2018, ensuring "a good start."

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