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Assessment Results of 2017 Small Town Comprehensive Environmental Improvement Released in Zhejiang Province
2018-02-13 09:28:18

According to the leading group office of small town comprehensive environmental improvement assessment on 11 Feb, the provincial assessment of 2017 small town comprehensive environmental improvement, which was started in Jan, has been completed. Through a series procedures such as on-site scoring, online examination, group discussion and approval by the provincial improvement office, 4 cities (Huzhou, Quzhou, Hangzhou and Jinhua) and 29 counties or districts are approved as 2017 excellent cities (counties or districts) in the work of small town comprehensive environmental improvement, and 429 small towns including Zhoupu Town of Shuangpu, Xihu District, have passed the test.
Prior to this, 36 small towns had successfully passed the 2017 mid-year assessment, which means altogether 465 small towns in the province have reached the standard. In addition, upon the recommendation by the local authorities and approval by the assessment office, 112 small towns including Tuankou Town of Lin’an District are listed as model towns in 2017 campaign of small town environmental improvement.
 2017 was the first year for the small town environmental improvement campaign in our province. As a result, the mission of creating hygienic counties has been completed 3 years ahead of time, which makes Zhejiang the first province with all the cities and counties on the list of hygienic cities of China.

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