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The traditional manufacturing sector in our province has contributed more than half to the growth of industrial profits.
2018-02-11 11:37:14

"The total profit increased by 23.2% over the previous year, 6.6% higher than that of the industrial enterprises, and contributed 51.5% to the province's industrial profit growth." In 2017, 10 key traditional manufacturing industries in our province have made unexpected contributions.
In 2017, Zhejiang began to be fully engaged in the transformation and upgrading the traditional manufacturing industry. We insisted on the policy of the provision of tailored strategies and classified guidance, formulated the implementation plan for each individual industry in line with world-class and domestic leading industries, actively utilized the new technology, the new format and the new model, and jointly promoted the integrated applications of "Internet + ""Mega Data + "" Robot + "" Standardization + " and " Brand + " in the traditional manufacturing sector, thus vigorously promoting the transformation of the traditional kinetic energy into the new kinetic energy and effectively accelerating the  high-quality economic development.
Policies were supplied in a more accurate way, creating a favorable environment for the development of the traditional manufacturing enterprises. In 2017, the provincial treasury has arranged a total of more than 2 billion yuan of special funds for the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries; the tax department has stepped up tax credits and reductions in research and development and listing, etc. In 2017, the tax system across the province (excluding that in Ningbo) gave the enterprises a total tax deduction of more than 120 billion yuan in terms of R & D and development costs. This tax deduction policy relieved the traditional manufacturing enterprises of their financial burden, promoting their transformation and upgrading.

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