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This province took the lead in realizing the full coverage of the river patrol information system
2018-02-01 09:23:16

From 2018 on, the river patrol by 57,000 people in charge in this province will become more efficient, contributing to the digital clocking in by those responsible for patrol on the rivers with a click of the button on the screen, to the taking and uploading of photos concerning inspection tours, and to the inspection of the river water quality by digital scanning. After the prior system optimization lasting more than three months, our province has recently taken the lead in lunching the river information system platform with a coverage of five levels, provincial, municipal, county, township, and village.

Merely switching on the river information system APP on the cell phone, those in charge of patrol on rivers at all levels can write a log about patrol, check the river data, record patrolling tracks, and submit real-time graphics and words on rivers.

It is learned that the river information system platform has been constructed according to watersheds at the levels of province, city, and county respectively. In the past, the data between platforms at all levels were not shared. However, since the system optimization, the data has been made mutually accessible. Users can also log onto the river information system via different  ports on the PC-terminal, mobile APP, WeChat public number and many others.

At present, the river information system platform has access to more than 130,000 pieces of basic data on those in charge of patrol on rivers, river courses, river and lake sections and others, as well as 2.47 million pieces of dynamic data on river patrols, water quality, assessment and other businesses.
Relying on the river information system platform, this province has also adopted a digital assessment of the rive patrolmen. The data recorded on this platform will serve as an important standard for the evaluation of the eligibility of the river patrolmen, thus eliminating the tedious accounting information and making assessment more efficient and scientific.

In the future, our province will speed up the construction of a large-scale data system for the report on duty by river patrolmen and of a coordinating business platform, which will be connected with various supervision platforms including the provincial people’s congress, the media, the public and others, so as to create a "smart river information system".

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