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Zhejiang Province Investigated More Than 13,000 Enterprises to Solved 5235 Problems
2018-12-06 10:05:45

“Without the support from Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and Shaoxing Municipal Government, our new drugs that have been painstakingly developed would now remain in the warehouse.” In June this year, the new hepatitis C drug Gonowei (Danori), mainly developed by an overseas returnee Dr. Wu Jinzi, was approved for marketing by the State Food and Drug Administration. However, the new drug was not included in the list of drugs covered by the medical insurance in time, and thus the market promotion was difficult. Recently, those in charge of this issue from Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee learned about the difficulties of this company during their investigation, and then held meetings of the relevant departments to make detailed proposals and formulated relevant plans, thus solving the urgent needs of this enterprise.

Since the beginning of this year, the province’s talent work system has firmly implemented the arrangements of “Stabilizing Enterprises and Ensuring Safety” made the Central and Provincial Party Committees, by solidly carrying out the special action of “Stabilizing Talent Enterprises” in the form of visiting the talent enterprises one by one to effectively solve problems for enterprises. At present, 13,784 talent enterprises of various types have been visited, with 5235 difficulties and problems concerning market promotion and land use solved.

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