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Zhejiang to Launch 31 Measures in 10 Aspects to Support High Quality Development of Private Economy
2018-12-05 09:36:00

As the highlight of the development of Zhejiang, the private economy is the most prominent feature of Zhejiang economy. The reporter learned from the press conference held on the afternoon of December 3 on the development of the private economy that the province will implement 31 measures in 10 aspects to support the high-quality development of the private economy.
In accordance with the spirit of the central symposium on private enterprises, with reference to the "six aspects of policy measures" proposed at the meeting, our province launched a series of specific measures including carrying out a package of policies to reduce costs and burdens, deepening the "maximum one visit service procedure" reform, and implementing the policies of financial assistance to enterprises.
We shall focus precisely on the target and solve the most urgent and concerned problems of private enterprises. In view of the great difficulties faced by the private economy, our province further advances policies and measures in 10 aspects, including innovation, financing, employment, land use, cost reduction, going global, property rights protection, fair competition, market exit and appealing. Taking financing for example, through the establishment of a provincial financing guarantee company, the provincial government will put in an additional 5 billion yuan to the guarantee company to support the leading enterprises to issue bonds and loan financing.
The measures will take into account the current challenges and long-term development. According an official from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, these measures can enhance the vitality of private enterprises and make them stronger in the short term. In the long run, our province will further optimize the business environment of the private economy and promote the reform in quality, efficiency and motivation of the private economy.
It is learned that our province will resolutely fight to improve the confidence of private enterprises and enhance their competitiveness, and strive for progress in stability. We will hold high the banner of private economic development, and create a “golden name card” for the high-quality development of private economy in Zhejiang in the new era, so as to "give the private enterprises more sense of gaining."

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