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Average Time for Approval of Enterprise Investment Projects in Zhejiang Province Reduced from 159 Days to 74 Days
2018-12-29 10:05:22

On December 27th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission that the reform of the economic system in key areas of our province has achieved remarkable results, and the reform goal of “100 days time limit” for the approval of enterprise investment projects has been successfully achieved. According to the latest statistics, the average time for approval of filing projects has been reduced from 159 days in January to 74 days in August, and for the first time 100% of the projects have been approved within “100 days”.

The “100 days time limit” is an additional demand for ourselves besides the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform in our province. At the beginning of this year, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Examination and Reform Office jointly issued the "Key Points for the Reform of the ‘Maximum One Visit Service Procedure’ for 2018 Enterprise Investment Projects", which clarified that in 2018, the approval of a general enterprise investment project must not exceed "100 days" before the start of construction, and maximum one visit is needed to run through the procedures before the completion of the project. The “100 days time limit” means it must not exceed 100 days from project code filing to receiving the construction permit, and they are not the working days but the natural days.

It is rather difficult to achieve 100% coverage of the “100 days time limit”. A chief official of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that the approval of investment projects is one of the hard bones in the reform of the administrative approval system, involving a wide range of aspects and issues. Since the beginning of this year, the province has taken a combination of effective measures to set up a reform model of Zhejiang characteristics in project approval. Among them, the “100 days time limit” support platform –- the online approval and supervisory platform for investment projects has been iteratively upgraded, and the “one-visit acceptance” model in investment project approval has been comprehensively promoted, and 100% of the application and approval procedures of investment projects have been completed online.

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