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Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun Meet with Returned Outstanding Contributors to Reform and Opening up of Zhejiang Province
2018-12-25 09:41:52

On the morning of the 22nd, warm laughter reverberated through the Interview Hall of the Provincial Administrative Center. Che Chun, the Provincial Party Secretary, and Yuan Jiajun, the governor of the province, who just returned from the Central Economic Conference in Beijing, met here with the outstanding contributors to the reform and opening up of the province, and representatives of their families and colleagues. While sharing their joy of receiving the highest honor, they talked about the future of reform and development.

At the 40th anniversary of the celebration of reform and opening up on the 18th, Ma Yun, Li Shufu, Bu Xinsheng, Nan Cunhui, Lu Guanqiu, Xie Gaohua and Bao Xinmin, who were recommended by the province, were awarded the title of reform pioneer and the Reform Pioneer Medal. At this moment, those commended people were full of energy and radiance, and the golden medals hanging on their chest were particularly eye-catching.

Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun came to them, shook hands with them and expressed their congratulations to them. Che Jun praised them as the great heroes of reform and opening up, the outstanding representatives of Zhejiang people, and the well-deserved model of the times. Ma Yun and Li Shufu said modestly that they were grateful to this great era, and that the honor belonged to hundreds of thousands of people who had contributed to reform and opening up.

Che Jun nodded and said that this time Zhejiang had the largest number of contributors to reform and opening up commended by the Central Government. This fully demonstrated that Zhejiang, as the starting point of the revolutionary red ship, the pioneer of reform and opening up, and the important cradle of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, had rich soil and fruitful achievements of reform and opening up.

The reform pioneers and representatives of family members and colleagues shared their feelings, ideas, and visions. They unanimously stated that such a great honor given by the Central Government was not only for the affirmation of yesterday, but also for the expectation of the future. On the new journey of reform and opening up, they said, they would continue to be a pioneer of reform and make new contributions to the next 40 years with even better prospects.

Chen Jinxbiao, Zhu Guoxian, Huang Jianfa and Xiong Jianping were present at the meeting.

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