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Zhejiang Health Care Service Towards High Quality Development
2018-12-19 09:25:01

Health is one of the most concerned, most direct and most realistic issues of interest to the people. Doing a good job in health care is a political project that affects the rule of the government and the immediate interests of the people.

The basic policy for the reform and development of Zhejiang's health care service is “to focus on the grassroots level, take reform and innovation as the driving force, take prevention as the mainstay, pay equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine, integrate health care into all policies, and share medical service with all people together.” Under the guidance of this policy, Zhejiang focuses on the problem of insufficient and unbalanced development in health care, comprehensively deepens the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform in medical and health service, and has vigorously carried out five great campaigns in the construction of county-level medical community, the three-fold medical reform, the construction of health information for all people, the improvement of medical quality, and the construction of a healthy Zhejiang promotion mechanism. These have enhanced the people's sense of acquisition, happiness, and security in health service, and have effectively promoted the health care service towards high-quality development.

"We must fully understand the scientific positioning of the current key tasks in health care." A head official from the Zhejiang Health and Welfare Committee believes that constructing a high-level healthy Zhejiang provides a new highland for the development of Zhejiang's health care service; that deeply promoting the three-fold medical reform brings a new advantage for forging a new health care system; that actively building a county-level medical community produces a new pattern in the health service system; that continuously improving the quality of medical service and service capabilities is a new bottom line for health care security; and that deepening the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform in health service opens a new realm in medical and health services for the people.

Without the health of the whole people, there could be no comprehensive well-being. Zhejiang will thoroughly implement the concept of “health as the first priority”, further improve the people's health, and strive to build a provincial-level demonstration zone for a healthy China.

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