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The Transformation of Outhouses Completed in Zhejiang Province This Year
2018-12-10 10:25:36

The reporter learned from the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhejiang Province that by the end of November, the number of rural outhouse transformed in the province has reached 52,176, with 104.35% of the annual transformation task completed. 11 prefecture cities have exceeded the annual transformation tasks.

Rural public toilets are divided into independent public toilets and building-affiliated public toilets. The transformation focused on independent public toilets and also took into account the attached public toilets, with the toilets divided into three categories: “transforming”, “upgrading” and “filling in the gap”. It is learned that this province has transformed 39,513, upgraded 6,486, and added 6,147.

Transforming rural toilets is one of the top ten livelihoods aimed at by the Provincial Government this year. The province plans to transform 50,000 rural toilets in 2018. In order to do a good job in this livelihood, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhejiang Province implemented project inventory management, and thus completed the individualized transformation of 50,000 outhouse in the province. At the same time, 20 million yuan of subsidy funds has been planned to support the accelerated transformation of rural public toilets.

With the vigorous advancement of the “outhouse revolution” in the rural areas of this province, more and more rural public toilets have been renewed, making beautiful villages even more modern and livable. In the next step, this province will continue to consolidate and summarize the effectiveness of the transformation of rural public toilets, improve the level of informational management, and improve the long-term management mechanism of systems, standards, teams, funds and supervisions, to ensure enduring use of rural public toilets.

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