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Provincial Government Publicly Collecting Next Year’s Practical Project
2018-11-05 10:15:25

"The expectation of the people is the direction of our administration." On November 1, Governor Yuan Jiajun sent an open letter to the people of the province to collect the 2019 practical projects to be done for the people by the provincial government. From now on, the public can visit the “2019 Practical Projects Collection” column at the Zhejiang Government Administrative Service Website, or log in the "Zheliban" Mobile Office APP, or follow the "Zhejiang Government Administrative Service Website" WeChat Official Account (zjzwfww) to make recommendations.

Doing well 10 practical projects concerning the people's livelihood is a major policy advocated by General Secretary Xi Jinping personally during his work in Zhejiang. "You propose it, we do it" is the working principle of the people's government to do practical things for the people. Since 2015, the provincial government has openly solicited practical projects from the public, which has received extensive support and positive response from the public every year, and received many warm messages and pertinent suggestions. At the beginning of this year, after an active vote, the Provincial Government finally determined the 10 practical projects for the year. At present, these projects are progressing smoothly and are expected to be fully completed by the end of the year.

In 2019, the Provincial Government will further focus on high-quality, competitiveness, and modernization. Starting from "key minor matters" concerning people’s livelihood, it will make unremitting efforts to serve the people, and truly solve the problems concerning people's livelihood and let the reform and development achievements benefit all people. In order to plan for the practical projects to be done for the people in 2019, the provincial government welcomes the people to continue to actively participate and speak out freely, and put forward your great concerns and proposals for the practical projects. The provincial government will seriously consider your suggestions and make overall plans to determine the objectives and tasks for the next year, and strive to do a good job in practical projects concerning the people's livelihood.

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