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Zhejiang-Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Symposium Held in Hangzhou: Yuan Jiajun Delivers a Speech
2018-11-23 10:07:47

The Zhejiang-Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Symposium was held in Hangzhou on the 21st. Yuan Jiajun, Governor of Zhejiang Province, and Chen Yiqin, Governor of Guizhou Province, attended and delivered a speech. Feng Fei presided, Wu Qiang, Wang Wenxu, Xu Liyi, and Qiu Dongyao attended the discussion or inspection.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that in these years, Guizhou had focused on high-quality development, implemented the strategic actions of “Great Poverty Alleviation, Big Data, and Big Ecology”, and created the “Guizhou Speed”. They have many good experiences and practices that are worthy of our study and learning. The east-west coordination in poverty alleviation is the key to winning the battle against poverty. It is a political task that Zhejiang must accomplish with high quality. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, we must fully implement the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation, improve political standing, strengthen political responsibility, further deepen the poverty alleviation in Zhejiang and Guizhou, strengthen industrial cooperation, and give full play to Zhejiang's "Internet +", block industries, modern agriculture and other advantages, so as to accelerate the construction of a number of characteristic industrial bases with high participation of the poor. We must strengthen trade cooperation, give play to the advantages of Zhejiang market and the role of Zhejiang businessmen as linking bridges, and actively promote Guizhou products into Zhejiang. We must strengthen talent cooperation and increase exchanges with the partner counties and cities, especially with the cadres, teachers, doctors, and scientific and technological talents, especially principals, deans, and directors. We must strengthen labor cooperation, build labor contact workstations, and link up the "information islands" between labor employment and poverty alleviation. We must strengthen our joint efforts in implementing the action plan for partnership assistance in poverty alleviation, and jointly promote the Zhejiang-Guizhou exchanges, cooperation and partnership assistance to a deeper, higher wider level.

Chen Yiqin pointed out that, over the years, in order to implement the "two maintenances" and serve the "two overall situations", and based on "central requirements, local needs, and the ability of Zhejiang", the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have obviously increased their efforts and capital investment, accelerated industrial cooperation, and strengthened intellectual assistance and support from all sides, which have injected a strong impetus into our poverty alleviation. The people of Guizhou will always be grateful for your assistance. Guizhou is the main battlefield for poverty alleviation in the country. We are now studying and implementing the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation. We are going all out to strive for precision and win the "four hard battles" in poverty alleviation. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we will develop in-depth cooperation with Zhejiang, and strive for more achievement in industrial development, labor cooperation, and talent support. Guizhou will go all out to do all the work well and return the cordial care of the Party Central Committee and the deep friendship of the Zhejiang people by winning the hard battle against poverty.

During their stay in Zhejiang, the Guizhou Provincial Government delegation visited the Ningbo Command Center for East-West Poverty Alleviation Cooperation, the Ningbo Technician College, the Labor Service Liaison Workstation for Southeastern Guizhou at the Second Human Resources Market of Hangzhou, Chuanhua Group and Alibaba Group.

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