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Yuan Jiajun Advocates that Seeking Innovation Is Striving for the Future and Making Innovation Is Achieving Development
2018-11-22 09:52:30

On the 20th, Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized during the investigation of innovation-oriented enterprises in Hangzhou that innovation is always the first driving force for development, no matter how the external environment for development changes. To seek innovation is to strive for the future, and to make innovation is to achieve development. The majority of private enterprises should bear in mind the expectation of General Secretary Xi Jinping, “making every effort to seek innovation and creation, and running the enterprises in a down-to-earth manner”, to effectively enhance the sense of urgency and mission of scientific and technological innovation, to put innovation drive to a more important position, to increase investment in research and development, and to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements into practice, so as to enhance the innovation capability and core competitiveness of enterprises, to make the source of innovation fully emerging and the vitality of creativity spurting, and thus to provide power for the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province. Cai Xiujun, Wu Zhaohui and Xu Liyi participated in the investigation.

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