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The Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Won the “Award for Government of the Rule of Law in China”
2018-11-02 14:11:29

On the 31st, Governor Yuan Jiajun came to the liaison station of people’s congress deputies in He Village Township, Jiangshan City to carry out the theme activity of relating to the people in the capacity of the provincial people’s congress. He emphasized that it is necessary to take as the guide Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of Chairman Li Zhanshu during his investigation and inspection in Zhejiang, and to thoroughly practice the people-centered development thinking, so as to set a high benchmark and make innovation in establishing and making full use of the liaison station of the people’s congress deputies and make it the main front for closely contacting the masses, the main channel for accepting the supervision of the masses, the main window for promulgating the party’s principles and policies, and the main platform for promoting grassroots social governance. Liang Liming participated in this theme activity.

The Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Won the “Award for Government of the Rule of Law in China”

Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Justice that the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure” in Zhejiang Province won the fifth “Award for Government of Rule of Law in China” and won the highest number of votes in 15 award-winning projects.

In the past two years, the implementation of the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure” has promoted the construction of rule-of-law Zhejiang in the new era, making the rule of law an important part of Zhejiang’s core competitiveness. This province takes the “reduction of levels, reduction of matters, reduction of materials, and reduction of links” as the main measure to cut down on and clean up various certificates needed for government services for masses and enterprises in accordance with the law; this province makes efforts to optimize government functions to continually clarify the boundaries between government and market, between government and society, and between government and enterprises; this province re-engineers the government’s business process to make full use of the Internet thinking to create new service models for innovative management, and of information technology, publicity, and other means, to forcefully enable impartial work, efficient work, and integral work; this province strengthens institution supply to promote reform according to the law, by promulgating “Zhejiang Public Data and E-Government Management Measures” to establish the legal effects of electronic signatures, electronic certificates, etc., and ensure online services based on law. All these indicate that the overall level of the construction of the rule-of-law government in this province has been improved, with the municipal governments of the prefecture cities and the provincial departments getting higher scores in this year than in previous years, and the scores of the social satisfaction assessment increasing by 4.44%, in the assessment of the construction of the rule-of-law government.

It is reported that this selection of the “Award of Government of the Rule of Law in China” was launched in April this year, receiving 85 projects from all over the country, which cover 18 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and covers all levels of state organs. The panel of judges mainly conducts objective and fair evaluations based on five aspects: the importance of the projects, the degree of innovation, the degree of benefits, the degree of legality, and the degree of continuous promotion. In addition to the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure”, two other projects in this province have also won awards: the creation of “No Certificate City” in Yiwu City, and the first local standard for “Guideline of the Examination of Contracts of Administrative Organs” in Ningbo.

The “Award of Government of the Rule of Law in China” was initiated by the Institute of Rule of Law Government of China University of Political Science and Law. It was the first award initiated by the academic organization and institution for the selection and evaluation of the government’s system and measures for the administration by the law and the construction of government of the rule of law in China. This award is based on the scientific evaluation procedures and assessment standards by the well-known experts and media in the circle of the science of law and the legal circle, having extensive and far-reaching social influence due to the five selections since its establishment in 2010.

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