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Yuan Jiajun: Establishing and Making Full use of the Liaison Stations of People’s Congress Deputies to Speak for the People and Set Example for the Masses
2018-11-02 13:57:19

On the 31st, Governor Yuan Jiajun came to the liaison station of people’s congress deputies in He Village Township, Jiangshan City to carry out the theme activity of relating to the people in the capacity of the provincial people’s congress. He emphasized that it is necessary to take as the guide Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of Chairman Li Zhanshu during his investigation and inspection in Zhejiang, and to thoroughly practice the people-centered development thinking, so as to set a high benchmark and make innovation in establishing and making full use of the liaison station of the people’s congress deputies and make it the main front for closely contacting the masses, the main channel for accepting the supervision of the masses, the main window for promulgating the party’s principles and policies, and the main platform for promoting grassroots social governance. Liang Liming participated in this theme activity.

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