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Youth Power to Boost Rural Revitalization
2018-11-15 10:28:24

On November 13th, the promotion meeting on the special action of “Youth Power for Rural Revitalization” was held in Songyang, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, jointly hosted by the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Affairs Office and the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League (CYL). The meeting summarized and exchanged experiences of local Youth League organizations in helping rural revitalization, and reached a decision on the main tasks and work priorities of the rural CYL in the province in the next period.
This year, according to the actual situation of each place, the CYL organizations all over the province have organized a special action of “Youth Power for Rural Revitalization”. Focusing on "attracting talents, accumulating energy, and gathering strength", they have issued a series of programs such as "New Farmers" Innovative and Experimental Class, "Youth Innovation Farm", "Double Hundreds & Double Advance", and "A Million Talents" E-commerce Project for Rural Youth. Up to now, the CYL committees in 9 cities with districts in the province have officially launched their rural revitalization plan, and 43 pilot “Youth Innovation Farms” have been built in the province. A total of 100 outstanding young cadres of financial institutions have been sent to different cities, counties, towns and townships to take temporary posts. A total of 22 agro-innovation competitions have been held, in which more than 500 outstanding projects were selected.
At the meeting, the CYL committees in various cities with districts have signed agreements with 11 villages for the action of “Youth Power for Rural Revitalization”, and the “Pilot Counties in CYL Construction of the Homestay Industry of Zhejiang Province” have held the founding ceremony there. In the next step, all local governments will make full use of the organizations such as the Youth Federation, the Youth Enterprise Association, and the Youth Agricultural Association to inject the CYL resources into various partner villages, and promote the tasks of the “Youth Power for Rural Revitalization” to the grassroots level and to the youth.

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