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A Case of Malignant Wounding Occurred in Beilun, Ningbo; Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Zheng Zhajie Gave Instructions
2018-10-09 09:58:15

At 6:28 pm on October 6, police in Beilun, Ningbo City, received a call that a man wounded a woman with a knife in Chunxiao Sub-district, Beilun District. Wang, the suspect (male, 42 years old, a citizen of Beilun), injured a woman with a knife in Xizishan Road, Chunxiao Sub-district, because of private disputes. Then he seized a car and fled to the nearby Hailu Village. There he got out and injured more people, then grabbed another car and fled the scene. In the process he ran into many people by the car. It is currently confirmed that one person was run down and killed on the spot, one person died after being rescued, and another 16 were under treatment.

After receiving the report, the provincial leaders Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun and Zheng zhajie quickly issued instructions to Ningbo and the public security organs to fully pursue the criminals and avoid continuing to hurt the people. At the same time, they were demanded to do their utmost to treat the wounded and do a good job in the aftermath.

After the case occurred, Ningbo City and the public security organs at all levels all showed great concern over it, and summoned the police force for quick actions. The medical and health departments spared no efforts to rescue the victims. After full investigation, the suspect Wang was arrested at 11 o'clock that night. The case is currently under full investigation.

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