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Newly Established Departments in Zhejiang Province Begin to Hang out Signboard: This Will Be Completed by October 31.
2018-10-29 10:48:08

Recently, a number of newly established departments in Zhejiang Province began to hang out their signboard, including the Office of the Committee of Comprehensive Deepening Reform (the Office of the Provincial “Reform Towards Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”), the Provincial Natural Resources Department, the Provincial Ecological Environment Department, the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, the Provincial Health Care Committee, the Provincial Department of Military Affairs for Veterans, the Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, and the Provincial Big Data Development Administration. The ceremony was simple, frugal and solemn, and the provincial leaders in charge of the relevant departments participated in the ceremony.

The province fully implements the tasks in institutional reform assigned by the central government, and the establishment of the provincial party and government institutions generally corresponds to the central and state organs. Within the framework of the central reform, combined with the practice of “maximum one visit service procedure” reform, big data management, and comprehensive administrative law enforcement in our province, the province actively explores institutional settings that meet the conditions, characteristics, and needs of Zhejiang Province. For example, it has especially set up the Office of the Committee of Comprehensive Deepening Reform, and assigned it the coordination responsibility for the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform and the administrative approval system reform, and put up an additional signboard of the Office of the Provincial “Reform Towards Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”. It will strengthen the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and its unified deployment to the work of comprehensively deepening the reform, highlight the reform orientation of the province, and constantly enlarge the traction effect of the "maximum one visit service procedure" reform on comprehensively deepening reform. After the establishment of the Provincial Big Data Development Administration, it is mainly responsible for promoting the government's digital transformation and management of big data resources. It will further strengthen the deep integration of Internet and government services in our province, break down information islands, realize data sharing, and further boost the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform to accelerate the construction of digital Zhejiang.

It is reported that the newly established and reconstructed departments of the province will all hang out their signboard before October 31.

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