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Zhejiang’s Comprehensive Transport Industry Aim High-a Total Annual Output of 3.3 Trillion Yuan by 2022
2018-10-26 09:38:55

By 2022, the overall level of the comprehensive transport industry in this province will be in the forefront of the country, its driving force for economic growth will be more prominent, and a number of leading enterprises and industrial clusters with strong international competitiveness will be formed. Till this year, the total annual output will reach 3.3 trillion yuan and the added value 900 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 9%, a proportion of more than 12.5% of the province’s GDP, and a strengthened pillar role in the national economy. This is the goal of development and planning released on the Press Conference for the Development of the Comprehensive Transport Industry in Zhejiang by the Department of Transport of Zhejiang Province on the 24th.

According to the “Development Plan for the Comprehensive Transport Industry in Zhejiang”, the annual output of the Transport Construction Industry in this province will exceed 470 billion yuan by 2022.


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