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25 Contracts Signed at the World Oil Merchants Conference with an Agreement Amount of 165.6 Billion Yuan
2018-10-23 10:25:23

On October 18th, the 2nd World Oil Merchants Conference held a signing ceremony for major projects, with a total of 25 projects signed and an agreement amount of 165.6 billion yuan. Among them, there are 20 industrial projects with an agreement amount of 67 billion yuan and 5 procurement projects with an agreed purchase value of 98.6 billion yuan. Both the number and the amount of money of these contracted projects at this conference exceeded those at the previous one.


Based on the national clean energy strategy, these contracted projects have expanded from the “the oil-based whole oil industry chain” of the first conference to “the whole oil and gas industry chain with equal emphasis on oil and gas”, aiming to actively develop the industries of LNG (liquefied natural gas) comprehensive utilization and research and development with extensive industrial distribution and complete coverage, on the basis of the key industries such as the storage and transportation of oil products, the oil products trading, the petrochemicals and the low-sulfur fuel oil in Zhejiang Free Trade Zone. Among these contracted projects, there are 2 comprehensive cooperation projects, 4 oil storage and transportation projects, 7 oil products trading and transaction projects, 1 low-sulfur oil cooperation project, 3 LNG comprehensive utilization projects, 3 cooperation projects including research and development, shipping and service platforms, and 5 procurement projects.

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