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The Provincial Party Committee Held a Routine Meeting of the Secretaries of the Municipal Party Committees
2018-10-18 10:18:13

On the afternoon of the 15th, the Provincial Party Committee held a routine meeting of the secretaries of the municipal Party committees to study the current economic situation and economic work. Che Jun, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, stressing the need to effectively strengthen the party’s leadership over economic work, to comprehensively implement the central government’s decision-making and deployment, to adhere to the general principle of steady progress, to implement the “Double Eighth Strategies” in depth, and to focus on development and hard work, so as to do a good job in “stable employment, stable finance, stable foreign trade, stable foreign investment, stable investment, and stable expectation”, to continue to promote high-quality economic development and to ensure the completion of the annual tasks.


Yuan Jiajun, Zheng Shanjie and other standing members of the Provincial Party Committee, as well as the heads of the relevant departments of the Provincial Government attended the meeting, at which the secretaries of the municipal Party committees made exchange speeches.

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