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Approval Authority for Asset Disposal to Be Adjust from This Month to Improve Efficiency in Disposal of State-Owned Assets.
2018-10-15 09:48:32

In just two hours, she has completed the fixed-asset disposal process that would take at least 3 months before, which made Yao Yaping from the Equipment Management Division of the Provincial Center for Disease Control feel incredible. On the morning of October 8, Yao Yaping submitted a disposal application on the Zhejiang Provincial Government Asset Management Cloud Service Platform, to dispose of a number of fixed assets including computers and laboratory-specific equipment. The entire application process was completed in two hours, then she contacted the designated enterprise for scrapped assets, and they promised to collect them within one week. Since October this year, the provincial financial department has deepened the management reform and the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure”, adjusted the authority for approval of asset disposal, and established a door-to-door recycling mechanism for designated enterprises of scrapped assets, which has solved the difficulties in disposing of fixed assets that have plagued relevant departments for many years.

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