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The Exemption of the Submission of Notarized Documents for Business Registration Facilitates Taiwan Compatriots’ Investment in Zhejiang
2018-10-12 10:14:18

The reporter learned from Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce on the 10th that with the approval of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Taiwan compatriots coming to Zhejiang for investment can register only by providing the subject qualification certificate, thus exempting the submission of the notarized documents issued by the local notary offices.


According to the current regulations, Taiwan compatriots coming to Zhejiang for starting up a company should provide notarized documents issued by the notary offices in Taiwan, in addition to submitting the subject qualification certificate or identity certificate in Taiwan. When applying for notarization to a notary office in Taiwan, Taiwan compatriots both spend time and pay a certain notary fee, which brings inconvenience to their investment and entrepreneurship in Zhejiang.


Zhejiang is a province with a high concentration of Taiwan-funded enterprises. These enterprises have been making positive contributions to Zhejiang’s economic development and to the promotion of cross-strait relations. By the end of 2017, this province had approved 8,645 Taiwan-funded enterprises and actually utilized a total capital of 21 billion US dollars from Taiwan. In order to further optimize the business environment in this province, the State Administration for Market Regulation has approved the simplification of the procedures related to the Taiwan compatriots’ investment subject certificate or identity certification, by allowing them to use valid materials such as return certificate and immigration formalities as identity certificates or investment subject qualification certificates for business registration. The launch of this initiative step will undoubtedly bring more convenience to Taiwan compatriots who come to Zhejiang for investment and entrepreneurship.

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