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Half-Year Consumer Confidence Index Released in Zhejiang, with the Largest Increase in Credibility Index
2018-10-11 10:11:08

On October 9th, at the promotion meeting of “Confident Consumption in Zhejiang”, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce released the consumer confidence social evaluation index for the first half year, which is based on four dimensions: consumer environment safety, operator’s credibility, consumer satisfaction and consumption contribution. The highest index value is 1, and our province's total consumer confidence index is 0.8386. The consumer environment safety index is 0.8108, the operator's credibility index 0.7546, the consumer satisfaction index 0.9593, and the consumer contribution index 0.8593.

Compared with last year, the total consumer confidence index and the four sub-indices have all improved, among which the operator's credibility index has increased the most, up 23.5% over the previous year. This shows the effects of “Confident Consumption in Zhejiang” Campaign in the past two years.

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