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Zhejiang Launches Measures on Municipal Waste Sorting Management
2018-01-08 09:35:13

Reporters learned from Zhejiang Office of Legislative Affairs that Measures of Zhejiang Province on Municipal Waste Management (hereafter referred to as the Measures) was deliberated and adopted at the executive meeting of Zhejiang Government held on January 4. The Measures makes it clear that it is the responsibility and duty of all units and individuals to dispose of municipal waste as classified; otherwise, one is subject to a fine and even shortlisted on credit scorecard.     
Zhejiang is a pioneer in waste sorting. Waste sorting system in Zhejiang has expanded from point to panel, from urban areas to rural areas. Statistics shows that waste sorting management covers over 55% of municipal waste in cities divided into districts in Zhejiang. However, it is not without problems. There are citizens who fail to dispose of their household waste as required, there is shipment of mixed waste, and there are insufficient end disposal facilities, which all calls for more legislative instrument to help improve municipal waste sorting management.
The Measures demands that waste sorting management should be adopted in all urban districts, and that people’s governments above county-level shall lead the work of municipal waste sorting management in their respective administrative areas, and that municipal waste sorting management shall be made part of the economic and social plan of local governments and part of the assessment of the target-based responsibility system. 

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