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Zhejiang Gets A in Ten Projects for Atmosphere
2018-01-08 09:34:30

Zhejiang was evaluated as A in An Official Letter to Notice the Result of Zhejiang’s Performance in an Initiative to Prevent and Remedy Air Pollution, informed by the State Administration of Environmental Protection. Zhejiang has got A for two consecutive years and has achieved central government’s goal of improving air quality two years ahead of schedule.
The Initiative to Prevent and Remedy Air Pollution (Ten Projects for Atmosphere for short), which was published in 2013, is to evaluate progress made in atmosphere and performance of air pollution control. The initiative is a milestone in China’s air pollution prevention and remedy, setting a goal to work jointly to guard the clear sky.
Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Government put air pollution prevention and remedy as their priority. Haze management has been listed on Ten Projects for Livelihood for 4 consecutive years. We throw ourselves in 6+1 special actions for air pollution remedy. Through optimizing energy mix and industrial structure, strengthening management to industrial wasted gas, vehicle exhaust pollution, haze and wasted air in urban and rural areas, and prevention and remedy pollution from ships in harbors, we are determined to win the clear sky back. In 2017, percentage of days rated as good or moderate (AQI ratings) in 11 cities in Zhejiang was average 82.8%, increasing 14.4% comparing with that in 2013. Concentration of PM 2.5 was average 39 microgram per square meter, decreasing 36.1% comparing with that in 2013.

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