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New Regulations on Environmental Protection of Construction Projects
2018-01-08 09:33:44

On January 4, reporters got word from the Legislative Affairs Office of Zhejiang Government that “Decision on the modification of ‘Management Methods of Zhejiang’s Construction Project on Environmental Protection’” (hereafter referred to as the Decision) was approved at the provincial government executive meeting, which cancelled the administrative approval items of construction projects in the environmental protection area to further strengthen the supervision during and after the process.
Compared with the old methods, the Decision is to cancel all the administrative approval items, including the changes about registration form of environmental impacts from the approval system to registration system, the cancellation of the pre-examination and approval of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) like pre-qualification and approval of the provincial competent departments, approval for trial production of construction projects, approval for completion inspection of environmental protection facilities. In the meantime, the form, the time limits and procedures of public participation in the EIA compilation of construction project are perfected. For example, the construction units are required to publicize the EIA of construction projects and solicit public opinions through Zhejiang Government Service website, construction unit website and bulletin boards of the villagers’ (neighborhood) committees.

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