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Zhejiang Optimizes Year-End Performance Evaluation
2018-01-08 09:31:13

“The three year-end assessments are integrated as one and check of detailed statement is not part of the on-the-spot assessment any more. Both the assessment time and people who are to take the assessment will drop to 50% than before.” Those who work at Hangzhou Municipal Water Governance Office (River Chief Office) feel much relieved as they are getting prepared for the coming year-end performance evaluation.   
On January 2, assessments for work performance of programs like Beautiful Zhejiang and Five Water Joint Control are further optimized following the principle of “Deprioritizing Year-End Evaluation, Prioritizing Routine Assessments”, required by the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee. As separate assessments are integrated, processes are streamlined and log of detailed statement is condensed, grass-root workload is being cut and year-end performance evaluation has become more scientific, effective and manageable. 
“Assessments of local work for programs and plans like Five Water Joint Control, Beautiful Zhejiang, the responsibility and accountability system for environmental protection, water pollution control action plan (10 rules), air pollution control action plan (10 rules) are conducted jointly toward more integration,” said Wang Yimiao, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Office of Water Governance (River Chief Office), as they are overlapping. Integrated evaluation has greatly reduced the number of assessments at both municipal and county levels.

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