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Zhejiang Adds 700-ha Bases for Green Agricultural Products
2018-01-04 09:40:55

Committed to green and eco-friendly growth, Zhejiang is boosting agricultural sustainable development by increasing a supply of green agricultural products. A few days ago, reporters learned from Zhejiang Administration of Agriculture (ZAA) that Zhejiang has added another 700-ha bases for green agricultural products, accomplishing the tasks and targets set early in 2017.
“The new bases for green agricultural products aim to scale up production of green food and provide better products,” said an executive at the Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Center of ZAA. Developing bases for green agricultural products aligns well with the spirit of “the strategy of rural revitalization through quality and green development” adopted at the Central Rural Work Conference.

ZAA set its goal early this year to expand the base of green agricultural products by 100,000 Mu for the supply capacity of green products. As a result, local governments have made their assignments clear and worked step by step. Meanwhile, ZAA established a supervision mechanism to do field research and give guidance, as well as push to take actions.
During the past year, local governments accelerated the construction of the bases according to their local features. Bases of rice, wild rice stem and lotus root which were in good conditions and covered large areas in Jiaxing and Jinhua were prioritized for overall recognition. While  Taizhou and Huzhou improved farmlands to be bases of green agricultural products by using land resources that were recognized as pollution-free.


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