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Yuan Jiajun: Focusing on highly competitive modernization and speeding up the construction of the "Two High-levels"
2018-01-30 09:29:15

On the 26th, Governor Yuan Jiajun attended the Quzhou delegation of the provincial people's congress as its representative to deliberate on the government work report. He emphasized that Zhejiang is the starting point for the Chinese revolution, the pilot zone for reform and opening up, and the important germination place of Xi Jinping's pioneering work on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. What is the most fundamental and significant for the next five years is to unite closely together around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, to hold high the banner of Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, enhance the "four senses", to enhance the “Four Awareness” and strengthen the "Four Self-confidences", to stick to the blueprint to the end, and to strive to write a new chapter in "the eighty-eight strategies". It is imperative to grasp and implement the spirit of the 19th Congress of CPC and to act on the arrangements of the Provincial Party Congress and the Provincial People’s Congress, in an effort to focus on the highly competitive modernization, to put into full play the ten major plans for enriching the people and strengthening the province, to jointly build a shared "Poetic Zhejiang, a Beautiful Homeland ", and to ensure a high-standard well-off society in an all-round way and a high-standard socialist modernization by 2020.

10 representatives made a speech consecutively at the meeting and Yuan Jiajun listened attentively to these speeches and exchanged ideas with the speakers. Yuan said that the deputies had put forward many good comments and suggestions, which the provincial government would earnestly adopt and then apply them into the revision of the government work report and the undertaking of future work.

Yuan Jiajun briefed delegates on the main considerations in drafting the government work report: first, reviewing and summarizing the historical reforms and achievements made in Zhejiang Province over the past five years under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in this new era; second, conducting in-depth planning for the goals and tasks for the reform and development in the next five years, giving prominence to thinking, foresight, guidance and practicality, focusing on the goal of "two high-levels", creating new advantages in institutional mechanisms, and accelerating the modernization of science and technology and economic system, urban and township areas, agriculture and rural areas, ecology, opening up, people's livelihood, culture and government administration; third, improving the people's sense of empowerment, happiness and security by take a down-to-earth attitude towards important work, difficult work and practical work at the very beginning of 2018.

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