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Yuan Jiajun Meets with Renowned Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2018-01-26 09:39:20

On January 23, a provincial ceremony was held in Hangzhou to announce and honor famous doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Zhejiang. The meeting recognized Dr. Ge Linyi and other master TCM doctors and named 7 famous TCM doctors in Zhejiang.

Before the meeting, Governor Yuan Jiajun met with these representatives.

On behalf of the CPC provincial committee and the provincial government, Yuan Jiajun congratulated these elected famous TCM doctors and expressed greetings to all the TCM practitioners in the province. He said that TCM has a long history and that it is a science of “observation, smell, inquiry, and pulse-taking” as well as a philosophy of life. It draws on, absorbs, integrates the essence of traditional Chinese cultures and is a national treasure. We must conscientiously implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thought on "equal emphasis on both Chinese and Western medicines to inherit and develop the cause of Chinese medicine" and vigorously promote the rejuvenation of TCM. We should focus on the construction of "Cultural Zhejiang", firmly believe in culture, inherit, protect and develop the legacy of Chinese medicine, and spread the TCM ideal of "saving the people with a benevolent heart". We should focus on the construction of the people-centered "Healthy Zhejiang", vigorously push forward the development of high-quality TCM, and promote TCM on the grassroots level, hoping to make breakthroughs in such fields as prevention and control of major diseases, pharmaceutical development, etc. It is necessary to focus on the construction of a "strong province for talents", accelerate the implementation of the "Ten Thousand Talents Project" to inherit and innovate Chinese medicine, strengthen the structural construction of TCM professionals through trainings, so as to make greater contributions to the construction of "Healthy China" and "Two High Standards."

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