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Separation of Operation Permits from Business Licenses Effectively Advanced
2018-01-26 09:38:44

Previously if you wanted to run a small restaurant, you had to first obtain the health permit from the competent department before you went on to apply for a business license, and the whole process usually cost you more than 20 workdays. Now it’s a different story. You can apply for the business license first and then, with all the required documents available, you can get your registration certificate in one day and start your business! This is a remarkable change that has happened to China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone as a result of the reform in separation of operation permits from business licenses that started in 2018.
A few days ago, reporters learned from Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce that Zhejiang People’s Government has already issued the Plan of Zhejiang on Advancing the Pilot Reform in Separating Operation Permits from Business Licenses. As was introduced, for enterprises, “permits and licenses” are the two “keys” to market. Licenses refer to the business licenses issued by industrial and commercial administrations, while permits refer to operation permits issued by competent departments of different sectors. Before the pilot was launched, one had to obtain the operation permit from the competent department before one could apply for the business license if one wanted to run a company. 

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