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Congratulations! Zhejiang’s “At-Most-One-Time Presence” Reform Draws Attention from CPC Central Committee
2018-01-26 09:38:16

The CCTV news reported that on the afternoon of January 23, the 2nd meeting of central committee’s reform-deepening leading group was held in Beijing. It is reported that the meeting deliberated “Report on Zhejiang’s reform of ‘at-most-one-time presence’ government services”. What is worth mentioning is that the meeting pointed out that since the 18th CPC National Congress, Zhejiang has made great achievements in promoting the “at-most-one-time presence” reform by optimizing the process of approval to solve people’s prominent problems like handling things difficultly and hard reporting and complaint. All regions were supposed to figure out ways to solve the problems that cared by the grassroots and the people, to boost innovation in systems and institutions according to local situations in a bid to enhance the people’s sense of achievement with practical actions.
On the first work day of 2018, Zhejiang held the meeting on comprehensively deepening reform. Che Jun, Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, said that “Although ‘at-most-one-time presence’ reform has achieved some goals, there’s a long way to go. This reform is still on the way. Government departments at all levels should ponder and deepen the reform with a strategic and global view.” According to the statistics, by the end of 2017, the number of “at-most-one-time presence” services at provincial level was 665, averagely, 775 were at the level of multi-district cities, and 656 were at the level of counties, county-level cities and districts, accounting for 95.68%, 95.33% and 93.85% respectively compared with the same level. Based on what has already been achieved, Zhejiang will continue promoting the realization of “at-most-one-time presence” government services in 2018 for all the people and enterprises, especially focusing on the “one affair” in the eyes of people, sorting out “at-most-one-time presence” services at different departments and levels, and integrating and optimizing the “service stream” of power operation to further reinforce the people’s sense of achievement of this reform.
According to a latest and authoritative survey, affairs implementation in the “at-most-one-time presence” reform has achieved 87.9% with the satisfaction rate of 94.7%.

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