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Focusing on Hidden Risks, Leaving No Data Tricky
2018-01-25 09:36:08

The three major tasks for audit agencies and administrations in Zhejiang are: deepening tracking audit of policies to promote the unimpeded reception of political orders, deepening the overall pattern of fiscal audit to raise the performance of fiscal funds, and advancing economic responsibility audit to govern all players so as to strengthen its check and oversight of power.

Reporters learned on January 22 from Zhejiang Audit Office that audit organs across the province will follow closely the principal contradiction facing Chinese society and carry out audit-driven oversight for high-quality development, and do a good job in the 5 audit items organized by the State Audit Office and the 9 audit items organized by Zhejiang Audit Office.

It is learned that since the 18th CPC National Congress, audit organs in Zhejiang have followed the central work of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang provincial people’s government in audit work where over 14,000 units have been audited, RMB20.5 billion illegal funds have been identified, among which 3.1 billion has been squandered; over 2,000 cases, which involved 1700 some people, were reported or transferred to judicial and disciplinary supervision departments and other competent departments; raised more than 40,000 audit tips which helped improve 2,000 some rules and regulations, effectively safeguarding the overall reform and development of Zhejiang province.  

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