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Zhejiang Government Accomplishes Ten Livelihood-Related Projects in 2017
2018-01-25 09:34:55

Realization of Goals with High Quality

The free ‘two cancers’ screening project for women of the right age is the first one to be included in the livelihood-related projects, also the most efficient project last year. The hope of the people and the demands of policy show the aim of this significant system.

All departments involved adhered to the problem-and-demand-oriented principle to promote the implementation of various work accordingly, including the completion of ultra-low emission transformation of 8 large scale coal-fired units with 40.9 megawatts of power generation capacity, the construction of online intelligentization prevention platform of raising farms with more than 50 pigs and 5,862 scale raising farms were built up with these equipment.  

Better Environment in Zhejiang

Last year Zhejiang strengthened five special campaigns about reduction of publicizing garbage classification source, recycling, improving disposal capacity, setting the standards and systems and civilized prevailing custom. 2,689 villages that were not completed with centralized collection and disposition were under the way in the aspects of organizing structures, cleaning team, dealing with the equipment, safeguarding the funds and building the work system, which has achieved the standard of collection and effective treatment of domestic waste.

More Sense of Happiness

Last year 1,389 rural cultural auditoriums were newly built, which completes 138.9% annual target task. The advancement of normalization of long term operation about cultural auditoriums turns to be one of the priorities for the task because villages with cultural auditoriums are the poetic homes to people.

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