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Zhejiang Promotes Legalization of Public Complaint to a Higher Level
2018-01-19 09:14:22

On January 17, reporters learned from the provincial leading public complaint work group that Zhejiang launched the “responsibility implementation year ” activity for public complaint work in 2017, which aimed to establish a new responsibility system with Zhejiang’s characteristics through multiple measures. The purpose was to promote the efficiency of the public complaint work with a clear job allocation, form good public complaint ecology, realize the goal of the “at-most-one-time presence” reform, and develop a better public complaint situation.
The annual work meeting held on the afternoon of January 17 demanded that the plan for the year 2018 is to closely follow the goal of promoting the modernization of national system and capacity for governance, clearly understand the new change of China’s principal social contradiction, manage the public complaint work in the new era with the concept of “rule of law” and reform measures, deeply promote the reform of the public complaint work system and the legalization construction, timely respond to reasonable and legitimate appeals from the public, and strive to create a new prospect for Zhejiang’s public complaint work.

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