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All Homicide Cases in Zhejiang in 2017 Solved
2018-01-18 09:13:59

On January 14, reporters learned from Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department that police across the province made a historic breakthrough in detecting and preventing homicide cases in 2017. By the end of December 31, 2017, 348 homicide cases, which was the total number of its kind and occurred in that year, were solved, with the clearance rate reaching 100%; 88 unsolved murder-related cases in prior years were detected, which is 3.3 times of that in 2016. 213 fugitives from Zhejiang and 213 from other provinces were detained.
In recent years, adhering to the idea of solving any homicide case, the public security organs in the province have adopted a variety of detection methods and measures, effectively activating resources for fighting crimes, relying on traditional ways combined with high technology, putting in the optimal police force and the strongest resources to help with quick detection and solution. And more organized efforts have been put in information analysis and judgment in order to tackle those homicide cases that have not been closed over the years. In addition, equal emphasis is also laid on detection and prevention of homicide cases. Measures, including resolving disputes, strengthening service management of key crowds, setting up green rescue channels, strengthening social prevention and control, etc., are made to effectively reduce the occurrence of homicides. In 2017, the number of homicide cases across the province decreased by 94 compared to 2016, a drop of 21.3%.

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