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Yuan Jiajun Visits Provincial Advisory Committee and Chairs a Symposium of Experts and Scholars
2018-01-12 09:23:21

On January 9, Yuan Jiajun, provincial Governor, chaired an expert symposium to solicit comments on the “Government Work Report (Draft)”, which will be brought to the discussion in 13th session of the provincial People’s Congress.
At the symposium, Zhang Mengjin, director of the provincial advisory committee, Shi Jinchuan, deputy director, as well as other members, such as Wang Dongxiang, Gu Yikang, Yan Xiaolang, Jin Xuejun, Yao Xianguo, Cheng Huifang and Yang Shuyin made some speeches respectively. Based on the “Government Work Report (Draft)”, all of the members present at the meeting shared their opinions, made some comments and suggestions in terms of promoting the supply-side structural reform in depth; accelerating into a high-quality development track; accelerating the construction of the digital economy as the core, the new economy as the guide of the modern economic system, to build Big Bay Area, Big Garden, Big Corridor, as well as metropolis, for maneuvering the innovation and development of private enterprises, encouraging enterprises to be stronger and bigger. In addition, we should further participate in the construction of “One Belt, One Road”; speed up the construction of an innovative province; carry out the strategy of rural revitalization; promote the “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform to develop in depth; establish the “Big Talent View”; promote the development of new urbanization and urban-rural integration and build a learning government and strengthen the ability of administration. Yuan Jiajun kept interaction with the members at the meeting and frankly exchanged his views to further discuss the issues.

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