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Provincial Audit Office: Support for the Cadre of Fighting “A Hard Battle”
2018-01-11 09:34:00

Rows of new houses for resettlement are to be completed near Qiantang River in the new year, and about 8,000 local farmers will move into a new home, turning a new page of life.
In order to promote the construction of the two housing projects, the incumbent local government principal was running potential risks as well as shouldering great pressure.
In May 2017, the principal official who had left the position began to undergo an audit of economic responsibility for the regular term. In the course of the audit, the two housing projects were brought to the attention of the auditors—the use of the BT model (the government’s use of non-government funds to carry out the financing model of the non-commercial infrastructure construction project) violated the rules of the relevant departments, should the individual be responsible for the matter?
Since 2017, the provincial Audit Office has issued the “Guidelines on Establishing a Fault-Tolerant Exemption Mechanism for Reform Promoters (for trial)” for the purpose of not conducting “One-vote Veto” to the cadre making temporary mistakes, and not giving “severe penalty” on the misconduct affairs for the public interest, and thus further establishing an orientation for a role of “undertaker”.


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